10 Rules for Arguing

Maybe the word argument is too strong. What I’m talking about are those discussions in which your beliefs or strongly held opinions are challenged. By the way, if you find that your ideas are never challenged and your words are always readily accepted, you’ve probably... read more

3 Dangers of Church Tradition

In and of themselves, traditions are not bad things. In fact, they’re good things, and I suppose we all practice them to varying degrees. For instance, one of our family traditions is to exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. I know, it’s kind of like cheating. Apparently... read more

Don’t Read Your Bible!

Most Christians have been taught to culture a daily devotional time consisting of Bible reading and personal prayer. In order for them to accomplish this task more effectively, they should have a Bible-reading plan and a prayer list. Or something like that. Right?... read more

Quit Preaching! (Part 2)

I hope that you’ve already read the first part of this series in which we answered the question, “Who am I preaching for?” Of the three questions we will have answered, the first is by far the most important. It deals with motive. In some ways, so does the second... read more

Advice to All My Future Teachers

I’m not quite sure how many classes I’ve taken, church services I’ve attended, or seminar lectures I’ve heard… too many to count, I’m afraid. Like you, I’ve sat in some great classes and heard some tremendous sermons. Sadly, the opposite is equally true. To be fair... read more

7 Bad Marriage Partners

No marriage is perfect. I think pretty much everybody gets that. How can it be? After all, it isthe union of two imperfect people. Although we might do so reluctantly, I think each of us that are married can admit that we’ve been the bad marriage partner at some point... read more