The Danger of Hospitality

Most churches employ some kind of intentional method to recognize, welcome, and host visitors. And they should. After all, hospitality is a biblical concept and ought to be practiced among God’s people everywhere, especially at the local church. Literally, the word... read more

Your Counselor Better Have These Four Qualities!

If you’ve begun reading this, I commend you! Foolish is that person who doesn’t perceive his need for counsel. Your choice to learn more about seeking counsel is a wise one indeed. Admittedly, as a Bible-believing Christian, I approach the topic of choosing a... read more

What Your Church Should Learn from In-N-Out Burger

For those of you who do not know, In-N-Out Burger is the best burger place on earth. I know that’s my opinion, but I’m not alone.  Unfortunately for my fellow East Coasters, it’s located primarily in California. Believe me when I say it is a must visit for anyone... read more

Recent and Upcoming Meetings

Please contact the church and verify meeting times and purpose
Date Church Name & Location
Aug. 26 - 28 Moses Lake Baptist Church, Moses Lake, WA
Aug. 30 - Sep. 1 Open Door Baptist Church, Lynnwood, WA
Aug. 31 City Baptist Church, Vancouver, BC
Sep. 4 Lighthouse Baptist Church, Lemon Grove, CA
Sep. 5 - 6 Temple Baptist Church, Perris, CA
Sep. 7 Liberty Baptist Church, Newport Beach, CA
Sep. 10 - 11 Mansfield Baptist Temple, Mansfield, OH
Sep. 12 Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN
Sep. 13-14 Grace Baptist Church, Corona, CA
Sep. 15 Timberline Baptist Church, Sherwood, OR
Sep. 18 - 20 Faith Baptist Church, Canoga Park, CA
Sep. 24 - 25 Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple, Johnston, RI
Sep. 29 - 30 Preach the Word Conference, Charlotte, NC
Oct. 2 Laurel Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC
Oct. 4 West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster, CA
Oct. 5 Lighthouse Baptist Church, Moreno Valley, CA
Oct. 9 Somerville Baptist Church, Somerville, AL
Oct. 9 Huntsville Bible Baptist Church, Huntsville, AL
Oct. 10 - 12 Pine Forest Estates Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL
Oct. 13 - 16 Valley Forge Baptist Church, Collegeville, PA
Oct. 17 - 18 Fellowship Baptist Church, Canton, OH
Oct. 19 First Baptist Church, Belmont, WV
Oct. 23 Lighthouse Baptist Church, Lehighton, PA
Oct. 24 - 26 Smyrna Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL
Oct. 30 Eastland Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK
Oct. 31 - Nov. 3 Mountain Avenue Baptist Church, Banning, CA
Nov. 6 Faith Baptist Church, Knightdale, NC
Nov. 8-18 Holy Land Tour
Nov. 20 Lewisburg Baptist Church, Lewisburg, WV
Nov. 27 Emmanuel Baptist Church, Newington, CT
Nov. 28 - 29 Calvary Bible Baptist Church, Rochester, NY
Dec. 2 - 3 Monclova Road Baptist Church, Monclova, OH
Dec. 4 Bible Baptist Church, Plattsburgh, NY
Dec. 11 Open Door Bible Baptist Church, Howell, NJ
Dec. 18 Faith Baptist Church, Fairless Hills, PA
Dec. 25 Legacy Baptist Church, Houston, PA